Commercial Laundry Services

Spin City Laundry offers affordable Commercial Laundry Services for the local businesses and schools. Our attendants will process your laundry according to your requirements.


1. Laundry will be weighed to determine the weight.
2. Staff will separate as needed and will check & pre-treat for stains.
3. Your order is never mixed with another customer's.
4. Depending on the volume, orders can be picked up or delivered*, usually within 48 hours.
5. Costs include all washer and dryer machine cost, detergents, labor and utilities.
6. Your laundry will be especially clean because we use only "Soft Water"


  • The base cost is determined by the overall weight and is a per pound charge.
  • Additional charges may apply for hangers, alterations or special requirements.
  • We can also invoice your business.
  • We are open 7 days a week.

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Bob Litzinger
Spin City Laundry

*A delivery charge may apply

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